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In 2017, we recognized that communities could benefit from more accessible medical care. We understand that an illness impacts your whole family.   Juggling schedules to get you or your child to see a doctor can be a logistical nightmare.  Fortunately, we’ve created a solution that will get you or your child the care they need faster.

Now, TEAM Clinics works with schools and workplaces to give students immediate access to high-quality medical care. Thanks to today’s technology, our medical professionals can help on-site school nurses serve a wider community than ever before, expediting diagnosis and treatment with technology. Our licensed providers can even send prescriptions to the pharmacy of your choice!

We offer a pain-free way to get the people in your life the medical care they need when they need it.

If you believe your school or workplace could benefit from TEAM Clinics, contact us today!

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3112 Cooke Way, Suite B
Oklahoma City OK 73179

Tel: 405 - 724 - 2030
Email: info@teamclinics.com

We work with schools and workplaces to provide immediate quality health care.

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