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We partner with schools, universities and workplaces to provide immediate quality care right where they are.

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Sickness can turn a routine day into a rough day.

An illness isn’t just hard on your child, it affects your whole family.

Parents and other members of the family will often rearrange their schedules, doing all they can, so one member can get to feeling better.

But what if there was an easier way that had less impact on your family’s day to day activities?

At TEAM Clinics, we’re partnering with schools to provide high quality, quick on-site care for your child using technology to expedite diagnosis and treatment.

Seeing a provider today has never been easier!

Healthcare services can be as convenient as 1-2-3.
1- Choose an Appointment time, 2- Complete Registration 3- Jump on a video chat at your appointment time.
It’s that easy!

Click on the method below that best fits your lifestyle, your phone, at home, or at the office and let’s get you feeling better!

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“TEAM Clinics has been great for our students here at OBU. They do not have to leave campus to get great health care!”
-Kayla Gibson, RN at Oklahoma Baptist University

“Bringing TEAM Clinics to Shawnee is one of the best moves our district has made. Having a clinic available at school definitely has decreased absences and promoted healthy well being in our students. TEAM Clinics provides an invaluable wrap around service to our students and families. Thank you for the contribution you are making to the success of Shawnee Public Schools.”
-Allyson Cleveland, Director of Academic Services at Shawnee Public Schools


When a child is not feeling well, he or she makes a visit to the nurse’s office.

The nurse uses an on-site lab to run tests and has telemedicine devices that allow parents and licensed providers to see, hear and be a part of the visit. The provider can make a diagnosis, and send prescriptions, if necessary, to the pharmacy of your choice.

You get an update. Your child’s prescriptions are ready for pickup on your way home. Children also receive a return to school plan.

Our services are covered by most insurance carriers as a Primary Care visit.

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We work with schools and workplaces to provide immediate quality health care.

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