Our Mission:

Healthy kids. 

We work with local schools to provide immediate quality care to students.


Sickness can turn a routine day into a rough day.

An illness isn't just hard on your child, it affects your whole family. Parents and other members of the family will often rearrange their schedules, doing all they can, so one member can get to feeling better. But what if there was an easier way that had less impact on your family's day to day activities? At TEAM Clinics, we're partnering with schools to provide high quality, quick on-site care for your child using technology to expedite diagnosis and treatment.


If TEAM Clinics is serving your school, download the app today. 

This app will allow you to be a part of your child's

TEAM Clinics visit through video chat.

How does it work?


When a child is not feeling well, he or she makes a visit to the nurse's office.


The nurse uses an on-site lab to run tests and telemedicine devices allow parents and licensed providers to see, hear and be a part of the visit. The provider can make a diagnosis, and send prescriptions, if necessary, to the pharmacy of your choice.


You get an update. Your child's prescriptions are ready for pickup on your way home. Children also receive a return to school plan. 


Services covered by most insurance.

About Us

TEAM Clinics seeks to provide high-quality, immediate care to children where they are - at school.

In 2017, we identified a need in our Oklahoma communities. Our students need more accessible medical care and our schools need more resources to better serve our students.

We recognize that our schools play an important role in our local communities. They care for, educate, and feed our children for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. This provides tremendous value to our families. Teachers, counselors, coaches, nurses and all supporting staff take an active interest in our children’s development.

In-school TEAM Clinics expand the school’s abilities to serve their students by connecting school nurses, licensed healthcare providers, and children for efficient, immediate, quality healthcare. Additionally, every TEAM Clinic gives resources back to the schools they serve. We’re proud of the part we play in our communities, and we want to give back as much as we can to support them.

Concerned about the expense? Our TEAM Clinic visits are covered by most insurance companies.

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