How to Combat School Absenteeism Due to Illness

During this flu season, over 70 Oklahomans died and more than 2,000 were hospitalized. This epidemic highlighted the vital need for flu prevention in our schools.

Schools are also a breeding ground for bacteria and many surfaces are teeming with bacteria and viruses that can cause many students and teachers to become ill and miss school. So what are the best ways to cut down on illness spreading through schools?

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Trevor Nutt
TEAM Clinics’ Work in Shawnee Public Schools Featured in the News-Star!

We’re delighted to announce TEAMClinics was recently the subject of a recent story in Oklahoma’s Shawnee News-Star. In the article, the paper reported that, as of the new school year, TEAMClinics and Shawnee Public Schools have partnered to provide onsite remote medical visits for students and staff. These services are currently available for Shawnee Early Childhood Center, Shawnee High School and Jefferson and Horace Mann Elementary Schools.

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Mandee Adams