TEAM Clinics’ Work in Shawnee Public Schools Featured in the News-Star!


We’re delighted to announce TEAMClinics was recently the subject of a recent story in Oklahoma’s Shawnee News-Star. In the article, the paper reported that, as of the new school year, TEAMClinics and Shawnee Public Schools have partnered to provide onsite remote medical visits for students and staff. These services are currently available for Shawnee Early Childhood Center, Shawnee High School, and Jefferson and Horace Mann Elementary Schools.

TeamClinics Offers Quality Medical Care to Students

In 2017, TEAMClinics identified a need in Oklahoma’s communities for accessible, efficient and quality medical care for students. We noticed that they required access to more resources to better serve them. With that in mind, TEAMClinics worked with school officials to put into place a program to do just that.

With parent permission, students can now see a physician through our video conference services while at school for common ailments like sore throats, ear infections, the flu, and even strep throat.

After putting into place a pilot program in the previous school year, Shawnee district Superintendent Dr. April Grace was so impressed with TEAMClinics’ services, she was convinced such a program should be implemented on an ongoing basis.

According to the article, Grace said: “the goal is for the district to provide more ‘wraparound’ services to students and families and this is a way to provide a basic level of health care needs.” Her statement is very much in keeping with TEAMClinics’ overarching mission and its commitment to healthy kids.

At its meeting on August 6th, The Shawnee School Board heard from TEAMClinic’s Trevor Nutt, who spoke about the new health care options being offered, along with the District’s Health Coordinator, LaRita Haffey, who also addressed the Board. “We’re prepared to take care of the child,” Nutt said. Haffey said she hopes to eventually roll out the program to all district schools.

How Does TEAMClinics Work?

TEAMClinics’ services are designed so that doctors and physician’s assistants can work in conjunction with nurses and health aides at local school sites, using remote equipment to diagnose and treat students’ illnesses.

With access to video conference services, students can speak with a doctor or physician’s assistant while school health aides or nurses have access to remote diagnostic equipment. (Training is provided for school nurses and health aides prior to the start of a school year.)

Lifting the Burden From Busy Parents

Our aim is to use TV video conferencing technology to make virtual visits convenient for students as well as parents, who can join the conference from work or home using a phone app to ask questions, get information about their child’s condition and request that any prescriptions be transmitted to their pharmacy of choice.

Part of our mission is to ease the burden on parents, who must so often rearrange schedules and request time off work to take sick kids to see the doctor. Providing onsite access to medical professionals via video conferencing helps us accomplish this goal. Parents can worry less, knowing their children are getting immediate and high-quality health care right there at school.

Since teachers and staff are exposed to students’ illnesses, they can also take advantage of TEAMClinics’ services.

TEAMClinics is committed to working with local schools, medical providers and staff to provide immediate, quality care to students. To explore how TEAMClinics can help your school, we invite you to fill out a short form, or click here to learn more!

Mandee Adams